Together, we have built a company that is positioned for future growth and are confident that we will experience this growth for many years to come. The health conscious consumer has always been present. The desire to have a healthy food choice, at an affordable price, has never been so prevalent as it has been the past 10 years. However, having this option in a fast casual setting has provided us the opportunity to corner the market with our unique offering. In addition, our customers come back time and time again for the “homey” feeling they have when in our restaurants. We are a family at corporate, and this sense of family is what we want our customers to fee like when they frequent our restaurants.


We have increased our base of store operations to include a full operational and financial oversight team at our corporate offices. Our team focuses all efforts on ensuring we compress costs where feasibly possible and monitoring all accounting and financial objectives to ensure profits for all our businesses. Additionally, our restaurants are known for their award winning gift baskets and home décor selection. Our executive merchandising team researches, sources and receives all retail gifting products at our corporate warehouse for all our restaurants. They then design a retail merchandising strategy and then ship each store’s retail display out to each store to ensure consistency and quality among all stores. With these operational efficiencies, our Four Foods Group stores have seen increasing profits while allowing our operator partners the ability to focus on our customer service experience, while hiring, training and managing our more than 400 employees.


To ensure we operate our businesses the best we can, we separate the overall business objectives into two groups: corporate and operator functions. By doing this, we take many of the parts of the business that are overlooked in a busy day of restaurant operations and perfect these functions at our corporate offices. This ensures proper financial oversight, maintains vendor and supplier relations, and provides critical support to our operator partners in each of our stores. On the other hand, we have our operator partners managing the day to day business functions in our store with only one main objective: Serve the customer and create a world class experience for each person that walks through our doors. Together, we work as a team to ensure the most impressive business results, not only from a profit perspective, but also from a long lasting experience created for our customers.







 Site and Real Estate Due Diligence

 Real Estate Acquisition

 Construction Management

 Subcontractor Coordination

 Initial Employee Hiring, Setup and Training

 GM/Operator Management Training

 Structured Investment for Working Capital

 Bank Relationship Management

 Daily Accounting Functions including Bookkeeping

• Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Reporting

• Monthly Sales Tax Reporting

• Payroll Processing

• State Employment Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Filings

• End of Year K-1, W-2 and 1099

• Marketing & Advertising Coordination and Support

• Fleet Management

 Preventative Maintenance

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