We have created a structure and a system that has worked, continues to work, and will continue to work as long as we stick to the model we have created. Our motto is to be active, smart and consistent.











As a fast-casual restaurant concept, Kneaders provides the freshest food at the most reasonable price. With a $12-13 per ticket average, it serves nearly 80% of the market. Serving in the Fast Casual segment has had its advantages. Most brands have experienced a 6% increase in sales, with an additional 3.9% increase in unit growth while full service restaurants have seen a decline in unit growth and a mediocre 1.3% revenue growth.  Kneaders has benefited from a health crazed industry, using only the finest ingredients, and serving homemade sandwiches, fresh soups and salads, European hearth breads baked daily in onsite hearthstone ovens, gourmet pastries, breakfast items, smoothies and seasonal beverages.

Since 2008, Four Foods Group has grown 2,283% as of December 31, 2011. We have experienced unit growth from one store to now eight, with five more under development. Same-store sales year over year have increased between 24%-37% from 2010 to 2011. This growth is a testament to the Kneaders brand, quality of foods produced on a daily basis at each location, and the devout customer base we have developed.


The Four Foods Group created a financial structure in 2008 that has continued to fuel this staggering growth today. With the use of private equity, local community bank financing, SBA structured loans, and reinvestment of company profits, there is no end in sight to continuing this trend. It is with this creativity that the company has been actively seeking additional sites, operators and investors to continue this pattern into 2012 and 2013.

One thing is for sure…and that is everyone has to eat, and eat daily. Although many food segments have suffered during the recession, the Four Foods Group identified a beloved Utah brand that was thriving, even during the latest recession. Since this downturn began in 2007, fast casual has been the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry.


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