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We take promising restaurants and apply our proven logistics. The result is magic.

"I envision Four Foods Group owning and operating hundreds of restaurants across America, while ranking among the best places to work in the nation. Four Foods Group will not only be known for its great brands but also for its people. We will build future leaders, honing their abilities and talents in a safe environment. Loyalty will be the foundation of this great company. We will be family –– the Four Foods Group family."

- Andrew K. Smith, Managing Director, Savory/Co-Founder

million annually

"Our partnership with Savory & Four Foods Group is our proudest accomplishment, we're proud to be part of the family.

Kimo & Kalani Mack

We take pride in creating opportunities.

Before we invest in brands, properties, and growth, we invest in people. The Four Foods Group team is more than just a group of employees—we’re family. Our culture is built on hard work, optimism, and integrity.

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