“It is definitely parallel with our original quest when we selected Kneaders Bakery and Café as one of our brands,” says Andrew Smith, CEO and founder of Four Foods Group. “We looked for a brand that had support locally, had what I would call a cult-like following, where people would talk about it in high regard…"

“Dale Cheney, Senior Managing Director, Head of Opus’ Merchant Banking Division, said, 'We are enthusiastic to partner with a very talented executive in Andrew Smith, and we look forward to supporting Andrew and all of the dedicated FFG employees in growing and realizing their aspiring vision for the company."

“A little bit of Silicon Valley has made its way to the world of franchising. No, some upstart isn’t going to disrupt the business model into oblivion, but Four Foods Group and CEO Andrew Smith have certainly come to the industry with a fresh set of eyes."

“We are excited to welcome Kneaders to Kaysville as they are true examples of social stewardship, helping to strengthen both the economy and entire community,” shares Mayor Steve Hiatt or Kaysville City."